University of Leeds

  • Carlo Perrotta
  • Chris Bailey


  • Donatella Persico
  • Francesca Pozzi
  • Marcello Passarelli
  • Francesca M. Dagnino
  • Jeffrey Earp
  • Flavio Manganello

Breda University of Applied Science

  • Dr. Mata Haggis
  • Thomas Buijtenweg

Advisory Board

Advisory Board members provided strategic steer and input, and acted as an interface between Gaming Horizons and other projects and initiatives on  gamification, innovative game design and serious games.

Paul Howard Jones Professor of Neuroscience and Education – Paul’s particular area of interest is applying our understanding of cognition and neuroscience to enhance child and adult learning.  His research explores the benefits offered to education by emerging technologies, aided by a critical consideration of underlying cognitive processes.
Phoenix Perry Phoenix Perry creates physical games and user experiences. Her work looks for opportunities to bring people together to raise awareness of our collective interconnectivity. A consummate advocate for women in game development, she founded Code Liberation Foundation. This organization teaches women to program games for free. Since starting in 2012, this project has reached over 2000 women in the New York area between the ages of 16 to 60. Fostering professional growth and mentoring new leaders in the field, she strives to infuse the industry with new voices.
Wim Westera Dr. Wim Westera is a physicist and educational technologist. He leads a group of some 70 instructional designers, media developers and IT developers at the Educational Technology Expertise Centre of the Open University of the Netherlands. His group develops and applies new educational methods, models and technologies in distance education and blended settings.
Maja Pivec Maja Pivec, Ph.D, is professor of Game Based Learning and Learning with Multimedia at the University of Applied Sciences FH JOANNEUM in Graz, Austria. For her research achievements Maja Pivec received in the year 2001 Herta Firnberg Award (Austria) in the field of computer science. She is co-ordinator, scientific leader or partner in several EU or national founded projects. She is editor and co-editor of three book publications in the area of innovative learning approaches. Her research work is published and presented at more than 90 international conferences and publications.
Kam Star Kam Star is a digital media entrepreneur, researcher, investor and award winning games developer. Creating his first computer game in 1986, he studied Architecture and is deeply passionate about innovation in play, influence and collective intelligence. Kam designs and develops playful solutions for delivering engaging experiences that make a lasting impression or use the power of the crowd to transform topics. He has produced gaming projects for the European Commission, BBC, AVIVA, Eden Project, UNESCO, McKinsey, EPSRC, NESTA, MoD, NHS, TSB, Wellcome Trust and many more.
Sylvester Arnab Dr. Sylvester Arnab is a Senior Research Fellow, Co-Leading research at the Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL) at the University of Coventry, building on his R&D experience at the Serious Games Institute, UK. Sylvester has been involved in a number of EU-funded gamification projects such as the Games and Learning Alliance (GALA, and Pegaso – Fit for Future.
Alessandro De Gloria Dr. Alessandro de Gloria is a professor of Electrical Engineering and member of the Elios Group at the University of Genova. This group is involved with the design and development of serious games, which use human computer interaction technology to create gaming scenarios for educational purposes.