Facebook videos

These webinars were conducted with interviewees from the video game industry, education, and research backgrounds. Interviewees included Kate Edwards (former executive director of the International Game Developers’ Association and named as one of the ‘10 most powerful women in gaming’ by Fortune magazine in 20133), David Wessman (former lead designer on Star Wars games in the 1990s and now founder of Impeller Studios), and Oscar Bastiaens (researcher into transmedia storytelling and semiotics), among others.

GDC videos

These are video interviews carried out at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in 2017 with leading industry figures, independent developers and game critics. The interviews covered a range of topics from diversity and representation in gaming to the relationship between academic research and game development. Interviewees included Gordon Bellamy, a video game executive with over 19 years of experience and leadership in the interactive entertainment industry; Richard Lemarchand, associate professor at the University of Southern California and formerly the Lead or the Co-Lead Game Designer of all three Uncharted games for the PlayStation 3; and Kate Gray, independent game developer and freelance writer who regularly contributes to the Guardian.

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Final project meeting videos

These videos are from the final project gathering in Breda on 29th January 2018. Each session covers a topic, ranging from an introductory talk describing the objectives and the general context in which the project exists, to more specific presentations about our key outputs, such as the scenarios and the manifesto. The videos are a great opportunity to get to know Gaming Horizons and familiarise with the work that we have done between 2016 and 2018.

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